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You may think you’ve seen all the advice there is when it comes to writing a bullet proof resume, but below are 3 more tips to add to the ever growing list. These pointers are things you may have never thought about, but once you implement them they can really step your resume up to the next level. 


1) Use Effective Titles – The Employer and Job Title are the first thing the hiring manager see’s before reading your bullet points. Grab the manager’s interest here by being as descriptive as possible. Having good job titles is the difference between making the hiring manager excited to read your bullet points or not. Here are some examples;

Bad SR. IT Analyst

Good Technical Team Lead/Senior IT Analyst

Bad Clinical Manager III

Good Clinical Manager III, Oncology Clinical Development

2) Put The Most Important Information First – This tip is especially important when it comes to your previous work experience and your skill set. When you bullet point your accomplishments for each position it should list the most valuable and higher impact accomplishments first. Same for your list of skills. The order of importance can vary depending on the position you’re applying for, which is why each resume submitted should be catered to the position

3) Keep The Salary In Mind – Don’t forget, you are selling yourself here. Your resume should show the hiring managers why you deserve the Salary you’re aiming for.


Comment below if you have any other tips you’d like to share with us!


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