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The 5 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips

Nowadays your LinkedIn account can be just as important as your resume. Make sure your profile is as strong as can be with these easy tips to attracting the right people to your page.


5 LinkedIn Profile Tips:

  • Choose A Professional Photo – Choose a clear, friendly and appropriate image. If you aren’t sure you can check what people in your industry are using as an example.

  • Don’t Waste Summary Space – This is the perfect place to highlight your passions, key skills, unique qualifications, and career goals. Use bullet points where appropriate to make it easy to read and to have your expertise stand out.

  • Add Multimedia To Your Summary – LinkedIn allows you add photos, videos, and slideshow presentations to your profile. Instead of talking about your work, show examples.

  • Manage Your Endorsements – This is where you show off your skills. It’s important to keep your endorsements updated. For example as you transition between careers, develop new skills, or take on new responsibilities, drop outdated skills from your profile and add the more relevant ones.

  • Join Groups – Join groups relevant to your profession and industry. This will show you’re engaged while also instantly connecting you to people in your field.


There are lots of ways to improve your presences on LinkedIn.

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