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5 Secrets To Improve Your Resume

Want your resume to have an even bigger impact on hiring managers? Try these 5 secret tips you probably haven’t thought of yet.

Show the competition:

  • Did you win a scholarship? Or did you win $2,000 over a 100 other applicants?
  • It’s all in the details and for this example it’s your time to brag a little and show just how good you had to be to earn that scholarship.

Show your passion:

  • Passion shows you’re determined to develop skills and share them with other people.
  • Showing your passion makes you look more interesting, innovative and adds value to the work place.

Write toward the future:

  • Don’t just describe your past experience like a job description.
  • Show how you’ll add value by implementing the following; Be part of the bottom line– The most valuable employees are the ones who make money for their company. Focus on your skills that make you most resourceful.

Quantify your impact:

  • Don’t just use words to show your accomplishments.
  • Use numbers to provide facts and evidence of your accomplishments.

Answer the recruiter’s and hiring manager’s questions:

  • Create a resume that makes it easy for recruiters and hiring managers to envision you in the role they want to fill

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