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What To Expect From a Open Recruitment Day

It’s probably not an interview

Firstly, don’t confuse open recruitment days with assessment centres; these are quite different beasts. An assessment day typically requires you to prepare in advance for / participate in an activity against which you’ll be rated. Unless your invitation specifies otherwise, rest assured, the open day is usually activity and interview-free, so you won’t have to worry about answering those awkward interview questions.

You’ll learn all about the company

As you’d expect, most open recruitment days begin with an introduction to the company in the form of presentations given by notable employees (management, department leaders, HR, etc). You’ll learn about the company’s humble beginnings, how it developed and how got to where it is today. You’ll probably learn about recent work and current projects from the actual doers, giving you an idea of what you might get involved with. It’s likely you’ll hear about the company’s exciting plans for the future and get a sense of where you might fit into the picture.

You’ll get a grand tour

Nothing gives you more insight into a company than a tour of its buildings, though this isn’t to be expected of every recruitment open day – not all take place on company premises. To have a tour, especially around what’s usually a top secret environment, could therefore be construed as a real treat and is only provided by those who feel their facilities really do have something to offer.

Interaction with staff: real life insights

Often at the end of a recruitment day, there will be a chance for some further networking, either in the form of a question and answer session or some less formal mingling over drinks.

Good questions to ask employees might include:

“What is it about your job that makes you stay here?”
“How would you describe the company’s culture?”
“How much autonomy do you have around decision-making?”
“Do you have the tools necessary to do your job efficiently?”

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