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Everything you need to know to write a Great Resume Objective!

The Resume Objective is the first thing to appear after your name on your resume. This is where you want to capture the attention of the hiring manager so they are more likely to continue reading. A badly written Objective most likely will result in your resume ending up in the “NO” pile.

Follow these steps to writing a knock out Objective Section that will impress any hiring manager!

  • Your Resume Objective should tell the hiring manager what skills, knowledge and abilities you have that will help that specific company reach their goals. Do your research, and remember every position you apply for gets their own Objective Statement catered to position you’re seeking.
  • Statements such as “Seeking a challenging position where I can apply my skills, with potential for growth and advancement” are way too vague. Instead of describing what an asset you’ll be to the company you are leaving it up to the hiring manager to guess what type of employee you’ll be and what you can bring to the table. Instead be specific on what your skills are and how you will use them to benefit the company.
  • Keep your Objective short and to the point. Hiring managers often receive hundreds to thousands of applicants for the same position; they don’t have much time so you want to capture their attention early into your Objective. You do not want your objective to just take up space on your resume. That would defeat the purpose and hurt you instead of help.

Always ask yourself these questions after writing your Objective Section:

  • Does my Objective statement show the value I bring to the table?
  • Am I really selling myself here or am I selling myself short?


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