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IN HONOR OF APRIL FOOLS DAY- 3 Science “Facts” That Are Wrong

3 Science “Facts” That Are Wrong

Scientists are actually wrong all the time. What you probably didn’t know is that’s actually a good thing. When a researcher gets proved wrong it means that the scientific method is working. Progress is made by re-doing experiments and replicating them to try and achieve the same result.  More often than not, they can’t. “Failure to reproduce is a good thing,” says Ivan Oransky, co-founder of Retraction Watch. “It happens a lot more than we know about.” 


Here Are 3 Times Scientists Were Proven Wrong:


1) Pure Water Doesn’t Conduct Electricity Well: Water and electricity make a dangerous pair together, pretty much all of the time that is true. But pure water is actually an excellent insulator and does not conduct electricity.

  • The reason we can get shocked when standing in electrified water is because water we come across will be contaminated by minerals, dirt, and other things that will conduct electricity.


2) Psychic Ability: In 2011 A psychologists from Cornell conducted 9 experiments that suggest people could be psychic 2012

  • Scientists replicated one of the experiments 3 times, all 3 attempts failed. 


3) You’re Born With All The Brain Cells You’ll Ever Have: Neuroscientists believed that the adult brain could no longer produce new brain cells and we were born with all the neurons we will ever have.

  • 1970 scientists discovered that the brains of rats and songbirds produce new cells throughout life.
  • A process known as neurogenesis suggests that the brain continues to produce new cells in at least a few brain regions well into adulthood.


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