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Thanksgiving Trivia

Thanksgiving Trivia

Originally a day to give thanks for the harvest, Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the U.S. and Canada. But how much do you know about it? Try these Thanksgiving Trivia questions and comment how many you get correct!   What is the busiest travel day of the year? The day before Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Day…

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Turkey facts

Thanksgiving is less than a week away; here are 8 fun facts to share at the table.   Turkeys can blush- If a turkey is frightened, excited or ill the exposed skin on its head and neck will change from pale pink or gray to red, white or blue. A Turkey’s “beard” is actually its… Read more »


5 “feel good” Science Breakthroughs you may have missed:   Common Cold Cure A Step Closer Scientists claim to have “cracked” the genetic code which underpins the illness’s many strains. Researchers now say a simple gene-targeting drug able to cure all examples of the virus may be available within ten years.   The Ozone Layer… Read more »

How Blood Stain Pattern

When a crime scene involves blood someone can be hurt or worse, dead. In situations like this law enforcement officials call upon experts in bloodstain pattern analysis or BPA to determine the details of what happened as quickly as possible. Every drop of blood tells a story, here is how experts piece together the mystery… Read more »

Science Experiment- Why Do Leaves Change Colors In Autumn-

As autumn sets in you probably have notice the beautiful changing colors of leaves. Here is a simple experiment you can do at home that shows you why leaves change their colors in autumn. MATERIALS: 3 leaves (from the same tree) Rubbing Alcohol Jar Plastic baggie (or plastic wrap) Paper Coffee Filter Small bowl or… Read more »

How Diseases got their names

Alzheimer’s Disease 1901, Alois Alzheimer analyzed a 51 year old women at an asylum who had no short term memory. When she died he dissected her brain and presented the illness as Alzheimer ’s disease. Asperger’s Syndrome 1944, Asperger named the disease after he observed a group of children and described their illness as ‘autistic… Read more »

The Science of getting old

WHY WE AGE: Eventually the cells in our bodies become less equipped to repair and replicate themselves. This process of senescence is the basis of aging. Scientists believe senescence is an irreversible step in the lives of cells. What is not known is why this happens in the first place. One Theory is that senescence… Read more »

The 2017 Ig Nobel Prize Winners

The 2017 Ig Nobel Prize Winners

The Ig Nobel Prize takes place every year mid-September right around the same time recipients of the genuine Nobel Prizes are announced. The Ig Nobel Prize however is intended to celebrate the unusual visionary whose inventions are meant to make people laugh and spark your interests in science, medicine, and technology.     HERE ARE… Read more »

animal facts

Enjoy these 4 interesting animal facts. A tigers tongue is so rough it can lick the paint right off of buildings. It can also strip the skin right from the bones of another animal. 3 interesting things about the Scorpion Mouse- They’re carnivorous, immune to venom, and howl like a wolf to claim their territory…. Read more »