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Genetic Scientists Discover 40 New Genes Linked To Intelligence

A team of genetic scientists have discovered 40 new genes that are directly linked to human intelligence.

Here Are The Details:

  • Led by the Free University of Amsterdam the study analyzed genomes of 60,000 adults and 20,000 children.

  • The Research was done by conducting 2 forms of genetic analysis;

    • The First- Identified mutations within a group containing 22 different genes, which could account for almost 5% difference in intelligence measurements.

    • The Second- Compared whole genes rather than mapping specific mutations found a total of 47 genes. 17 of which had been already found using the first analysis.

  • The Results- 40 of the new genes found using both methods of analysis helped in constructing healthy neurons and influence the development of intelligence.

  • While conducting this study researchers also discovered other relationships between genes and characteristics that deal with body mass, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s.

This study is one big step in the right direction to understanding the Evolution of Our Intelligence.


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