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Follow these 4 simple ways to make sure your ending each day at work on a happy note.

1. Set aside five minutes

    • Write down what you have achieved for the day. “It’s a great confidence builder, and it helps you quantify and assess your strengths.” – William Arruda, Author of Ditch, Dare, Do.
    • Seeing on paper what you have accomplished for the day is a great pick-me-up as well. You can feel better about how productive you were once you see it all written down on paper.


2. Prepare for tomorrow

    • If you find yourself always stressed about the next day’s work load you might find great relief from practicing this tip.
    • At the end of each day prepare a list in order from
    • Most Important Task —-> Least Important Task
    • Even better, after making your list, schedule each task into your calendar to ensure they are completed


3. Keep your work space organized

    • This is important only important to be productive, but also to ensure outside visitors, when seeing your desk, have a positive impression and not a cluttered mess.
    • Take the time to organize your paperwork, establish a filing system and keep all confidential paperwork put away and locked inside of your desk


4. Schedule things you love to do

    • Schedule things you have fun doing so that you have something to look forward too.
    • This is an easy way to be excited for something every week.
    • Whether it be meeting with a friend or family member, or taking a gym class once a week.

Comment below if you found these tips useful or if you have a tip you’d like to share!

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