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8 of the most common myths some people still believe to be true.

  • We Only Use 10% of our brain.

    • Most of the brain cortex works at full capacity, even when we are asleep.

  • Brain cells stop growing when you reach adulthood.

    • Neurons flourish and change throughout your entire life.

  • Your Sight deteriorates if you read in the dark.

    • Your eyes do get tired faster this way, but they will recover with enough rest.

  • Humans have only 5 senses- sight, hearing, smell, tactile sense, and taste.

    • We actually have at least 21 senses!

    • Example; Sense of balance and temperature.

  • It’s easier to catch a cold when it’s actually cold out.

    • Colds are caused by viruses, not air temperature.

  • Our heart skips a beat when we sneeze.

    • The heart’s rhythm sometimes changes when we sneeze but it never stops.

  • Carrots improve eyesight.

    • Carrots help prevent muscle degeneration but they don’t improve your sight.

  • Sweat can remove toxins from your bod.

    • You cannot sweat toxins out of the body. Sweat glands cool your body down.


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