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4 Military Inventions Used Every Day By Civilians

Take a minute to thank the people that gave their lives for our country and remember they not only provided us with freedom, but all these other great ideas.  Here are a few of the products the military came up with that are now staples in our everyday lives.

#1 GPS- Set up by the Department of Defense the Global Positioning System (GPS) was made available to civilians in 1996. The operating system is the same one used on our cell phones to keep us from getting lost.

#2 EpiPen- This auto-injecting syringe allows you to give yourself a shot if you are experiencing a life threatening allergic reaction. The EpiPen is similar to a device used by the military to protect soldiers from chemical weapons known as ComboPen.

#3 Aviator Sunglasses- Before these sunglasses became hip and trendy they were specifically designed for fighter pilots and bomber crews. Blocking up to 80% of incoming light and protecting most of your eye these glasses made it possible for soldiers to see enemy planes. 

#4 Internet- The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is responsible for the foundation of the Internet. Once the military computers were a success they government made the Internet available to America’s college system.


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