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3 Habits That Will Make You Sound Smarter

Did you know when it comes to appearing smarter speaking is superior to writing? This is because writing lacks nonverbal elements such as, emotion, tone and thoughtfulness.  Here are 3 tips you can implement today to sound smarter.

  1. Avoid Mindless Language-
    1. Avoid cliché, buzzwords.
    2. Avoid using words without knowing the correct sense of their meaning.


  1. Don’t weigh in unless you have something to add-
    1. Avoid sounding ignorant but jumping into topics you have little to know knowledge on.


  1. Avoid vocal irritants-
    1. Uptalk”- when you use a rising intonation that pronounces statements as if they were questions.
    2. Vocal fry” ending words in a raspy growl.
    3. Both convey insecurity, negativity and negatively affect how the speaker is being perceived.


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