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Tag: R&D

10 Interesting Facts About The Human Body

Our Bodies are extremely fascinating and complex.  Some of these facts may be hard to believe but they are happening inside of you right now. 10 Facts about the Human Body: 80% of the brain is water Your brain uses 20% of the oxygen that

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Follow these 4 simple ways to make sure your ending each day at work on a happy note. 1. Set aside five minutes Write down what you have achieved for the day. “It’s a great confidence builder, and it helps you quantify and assess your

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Did You Know?

Drinking Two Coffees A Day Could Cut Risk  Of Liver Cancer By A Third Do you love coffee? Do you drink up to two cups a day? Well I have some great news for you! A new study published in the British Medical Journal states

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Karin Jooss

BioScience Forum–Karin Jooss, EVP and CSO, Gritstone Oncology

R&D Partners is excited to attend the BioScience Forum, volunteering monthly at the networking and presentation event. This Month’s Speaker is Karin Jooss, Ph.D. Executive Vice President of Research and Chief Scientific Officer Gritstone Oncology, Inc. Speaking on topic “Turning Tumor Mutations into Personalized Cancer

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4 Military Inventions Used Every Day By Civilians

Take a minute to thank the people that gave their lives for our country and remember they not only provided us with freedom, but all these other great ideas.  Here are a few of the products the military came up with that are now staples

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